As with many of my peers who do a lot of implants we are highly trained and experienced clinicians and again many of us are involved in teaching as I am with the Tipton training Academy and perform advanced procedures such as block grafting zygomatic implants. A one size fits all indemnity cover didn’t suit my needs or look at me as an individual so I was pleased to indemnify myself through Pdi who met all my needs, provided me great cover and are always there for questions and support.

“I was very impressed at the open evening and initial launch where I heard presentations from all the legal team and underwriters. I left with a lot of confidence in PDI to protect me. The best thing I found was the application form which allows me to describe the mentors I have and the courses I have done and why I believe I am a safe practitioner. This is much better than quoting a price of indemnity based purely on how many years you have qualified and what services you provide (although I understand this should be included in any algorithm).”

“I decided to transition to PDI as I felt they offered a service more bespoke to me personally as a dentist – not just generic cover. The transition was seamless and I have been very impressed so far”

Like a lot of Dentists, I was surprised to see how much my indemnity premium had risen over the years, despite having a clean claim record. So the time came to look at other options and I spoke with the Pdi team to explore what level of cover was available and at what cost. I was pleasantly surprised at the level of cover and advice available. I generally felt that I would be defended should a claim arise and the preliminary advice and help offered when a patient enquiry arose was first class. The greatly reduced premium was also a nice bonus.

“Had the pleasure of being introduced to Gary from PDI via Mr Neel Jaiswal and arranged a visit to my Practice shortly afterwards. Gary was able to answer all of my questions in great deal and demonstrated a good sound knowledge of the dental indemnity landscape at this time. I was suitably convinced that with PDI on my side, I would be able to successfully defend myself against any claims that may arise in the future. Gary was also suitably backed up by his head office who were also a delight to deal with and extremely efficient in their work. They were also to respond to enquiries and deal with any matters quickly, and via the use of email, without having to disturb my working day.”

“I based my decision on:
A) Good advice if you need advice, especially in the preliminary stages to actually make cases go away because they are HANDLED correctly.
B) A company that will actually DEFEND when your case is defensible (notes, records, depending on situation etc) and not just settle to make claims go away (that’s in my opinion why this sector has seen such an increased litigation).
C) Is this cover discretionary or not – can the company refuse to defend you.
D) Costs: I want to see the costs reflect the relative risk. If I have been practicing for years without any claims, that must be a good sign and I should be lower risk.”

“My current indemnity company increased my premium by £2000 for no particular reason. I thus came to look for a new insurer. Neel came by recommendation from dental colleagues. He was extremely helpful and thorough in explaining the details of the policy and actually offered me a far better cover and an excellent saving in premium. I feel confidently insured and know that I will be protected and supported against any possible future claims. The service has been outstanding and I highly recommend Professional Dental Indemnity and the team.”

“When you call your Indemnity company once in a decade, but they hike your premium by £1k+ annually, you begin to feel trapped. I spent several hours reading the policy documents for insurers, and chose PDI because of their dento-legal advice line with Weightmans LLP. 12 months later my premium has actually reduced as they bothered to ask me about my foreseeable workload, my further training and my association with study groups. That’s the fairest and most honest approach I’ve come across – in any form of insurance”

Having heard so many colleagues having issues with Indemnity I felt it was time for me to move to PDI, a company that is behind you through thick and thin. It was a no brainer for me. I loved how easy it was to move across and there’s always someone at the end of the phone to have a chat with. It has the personal touch backed up with a Lloyds of London underwriter

“Choosing your indemnity is one of those important career decisions that I personally was never quite sure about. Not certain whether I was making the right decision and it always felt like these companies were in some way dislocated from understanding the true nature of dentistry. So when a highly respected colleague put his efforts into helping to build a new indemnity company I had to find out more. It really did not take long to see that PDI were the perfect fit. The clear, concise, supportive and deeply knowledgable team made this decision to trust PDI with my indemnity one of the easiest I have made. The whole process was seamless and simple and I feel entirely confident with the team. Thank you to Neel, Gemma, Gary and David”

“When faced with a huge hike in indemnity fees, after being with my well known provider for 27 years, a switch was not something I took lightly. I carried out my due diligence and I was impressed by the comprehensive cover and clarity of the process . The level of cover is high and when I needed to ask for advice for a relatively simple letter, their help was prompt and thorough . In addition ,PDI have 15 years run off cover included after retirement .The transition was handled efficiently and I am very pleased with the adept service so far . I would unequivocally recommend PDI.”

“Having remained loyal to my previous provider for many years I was faced with a series of unsustainable price increases over the last few renewals with no signs of slowing down – the final straw being a further £800 rise after voluntarily filling in a questionnaire and them realising I was on the wrong banding. It can be fairly daunting to search for a new provider having to arrange letters of good standing and etc, so is often a case of “better the devil you know” but I would not hesitate to recommend PDI indemnity insurance. Initially introduced by a trusted colleague Mr Neel Jaiswal, at best I had hoped for a price match but I was most impressed with the bespoke quotation I was given by PDI basing my risk on not only the history with the previous provider but also taking into consideration what types of treatment I provide and what further training I have undergone to mitigate my own risk. When the new quotation came in significantly lower than my renewal there was no deliberation and they held my hand throughout the switching process.”

“Over the past few years, I’ve become concerned about the rising costs (plus seemingly lack of assured cover) from the DDU. A company that I’ve been with for nearly 30 years. The only reasons I remained with them was the worry about how difficult the changing process would be and whether I would get an inferior product. I decided last year to shop around and get some quotes elsewhere. When I first approached PDI and explained my situation and what I was looking for , their initial advice was to stay where I was! However when my renewal quotation came through with an enormous increase,I decided to check again. I spoke to quite a few companies, and although PDI were not quite the cheapest, the knowledge, professionalism and general understanding of both Neel and Gary were by far and away the best. These people really understood my busy life and needs. The switch was easy, for a better product and saved me literally thousands! Everyone should review their indemnity needs and I would really recommend PDI as a company definitely to call. There is no heavy sell (As I said Gary told me before the renewal quote that I may be better staying where I was!) and you’ll get honest advice as to what is best for you.”

“I approached PDI after attending a introductory lecture to the company where I got to meet the founders, the underwriter and the agents along with a representative from the legal team. My first impression was that this team means business and really understand the dental profession very well. When else would you get to meet the underwriter when you buy a policy? I wanted to know more, so I spoke to the underwriter in person and she explained and advised on indemnities in general but never once tried to sell a policy. PDI helped me with a very competitive quote with coverage for a wide range of work including hospital based surgical work on complex procedures. I didn’t have to think twice before swapping from my previous provider. One thing I liked was their approach to indemnity was education of clinicians rather than expensive promotional events. I found the experience very informative and filled me with confidence about the team. I would recommend PDI to people who need a comprehensive cover for dentists and doctors alike without any reservations.”

“When it comes to deciding who to the very important decision of partnering up with an indemnity provider, it all comes down to trust and word of mouth recommendations. PDI come with the backing of one of the most experienced providers of legal advice and defence. The application process was seamless and transparent. Gary and his team was very helpful throughout the process and his deep knowledge in the area is very reassuring. The policy documentation was easy to follow yet comprehensive. For a practice owner, I have the added benefit of options to cover my employed staff and associates should the unfortunate vicarious liability claim ever be brought forward. Gone are the days of discretionary cover and unwarranted premium increases. I do not hesitate to recommend PDI wholeheartedly.”

“I chose PDI as I really feel it has been set up to help me as a Dentist. It is reassuring to know it has been the brainchild of a fellow colleague who wants to help the profession. It offers comprehensive cover, the best bit for me was at renewal. I have been used to them going up year on year despite no claims. However I felt PDI actually took this all into account so I paid less. Now by no means am I saying this will be the case for everyone but I value the fact that it was bespoke. I have no hesitation in recommending PDI to my colleagues.”

Like most people I was confused when it came to my choices with dental indemnity especially with the difference between claims occurred and claims made products. I was pleased to find Pdi have both products available and they understand that dentists have different needs and one product doesn’t necessarily suit all. The products are thoroughly explained and very comprehensive. It is clear that here to help and make a stand in the profession

“I was fortunate to be put into contact with both Neel and Gary from PDI earlier this year when I was looking to change my indemnity provider. The service I received throughout the process was exceptional. They simply answered all of my questions and gave me an excellent understanding of my policy and the ins and out my cover. I never once felt pushed into making a decision and they were adamant that I was completely happy with switching to them as my new provider. I did not just switch to PDI because of the competitive price, but moreover for the excellent service and professionalism that the team had to offer.”

“I was recommended to speak to Professional Dental Indemnity by a colleague in a similar position to myself. I had received an excessive renewal quote from a well known Indemnity based organisation. Being only five years into the profession, the fees did not correlate to my time spent practicing. I was put into contact with Neel who offered objective and professional advice. He processed my application seamlessly and efficiently, all the while being a great point of contact though all channels of communication! One thing I’ve appreciated is how helpful everyone has been. David, an account handler I spoke with, was brilliant at getting back to me regarding any queries I had. It is reassuring to know that I’m with a company who are as responsive today as they have been from the start. It can be daunting making the switch from Indemnity based to Insurance based, but from my experience so far, I would definitely recommend Professional Dental Indemnity. For a friendly, reliable and contactable service (which is exactly what we need for our profession), they are the number 1 choice.”
Dr Sheena Patel

“Happy to be joining PDI! The team have been great in what is a considerable decision after being a member of MPS for thirty years ! Congratulations Neel on shaking up the market place and glad to be on board”
Dr Paul Abraham

“After yet another year of high percentage increase in quotation for indemnity cover (as a Practice Principal and for Advanced Surgical Implant procedures) by my long-term provider (despite never having to make a claim) I decided to look elsewhere. I had been recommended to PDI by several colleagues. The due diligence performed by PDI prior in providing a quotation (how many implants do I place annually, how many sinus grafts do I perform etc) was reassuring in that they were taking an individual approach to cover. When I received the quotation I was delighted to have made a very significant saving.”