PDI introduces a unique range of policies. We believe that 40,000+
dentists need a range of options so we provide them. We do not debate the merits of claims occurrence against claims made; we offer both as one may well be better for your circumstances than the other.  We do not debate whether or not you should have criminal cases covered in your cover: we offer you the choice of having it covered. What we are rigid on is the importance of a quality product, outstanding legal defence whenever needed and unique personal service to each and every one of our clients.

Through a panel of underwriters we can introduce the following.

Claims made policies
Claims occurrence policies
Cover for dentists with claims
Cover for certain criminal allegations
24 hour legal support from highly experienced teams of lawyers
Cover for GDC regulatory enquiries
Cover for damage to your reputation
Cover for defamation accusations
Cover for employment issues

Through our broker, we have access to the entire London insurance market so we are continually enhancing the services and policies we can provide. Through a great working relationship with our underwriters we have been able to secure fantastic additional support for dentists through the current Covid-19 situation. For details, please go to our dedicated CoronaVirus page here