If you’re a dentist, having proper indemnity coverage is crucial to protect your career and reputation. With the rise of many new Dental Indemnity providers, it’s easy to get confused about which coverage is best for you. That’s where PDI comes in.

At PDI, we’ve been championing insurance backed indemnity for over a decade. We offer both ‘Claims Made’ and ‘Claims Occurrence’ coverage and provide Diligent, Impartial and Transparent advice to ensure you have the right coverage.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen a trend of poor insurance advice from other providers, leading to gaps in coverage for individuals. Most new providers only offer one type of coverage and don’t explain the differences or limitations of their policies.

Let’s take a closer look at the two types of coverage. ‘Claims Made’ coverage is cheaper but only covers you while the policy is in force. If you switch providers, you need to ensure you have retroactive coverage to avoid gaps in coverage. ‘Claims Occurrence’ coverage is more expensive, but it covers you for any potential claims even after the policy has ended.

At PDI, we believe in providing transparent advice tailored to your specific needs. We offer a no-obligation Indemnity Health-check to help you determine the right coverage for you, regardless of whether you’re a PDI client or not.

Don’t leave your career and reputation at risk. Contact PDI today on 0752 585 0679 to ensure you have the right indemnity coverage.